Does The Flex Belt Ab Toning System Really Work?

It’s known as the mythical 6 pack, and it’s a common goal for all exercisers. But unfortunately, achieving it is fairly challenging. That’s the reason why products that promise to get you there quickly will sell like hot cake. We’re talking about electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) devices and how they work.

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You see, they promise shortcuts with little to no exercises at all. One of the products in this category would be the flex belt. But does it really work or is it just a hype to get you buying? First, let’s understand it and get the facts straight before discussing other matters.

The Flex Belt

By now, it’s obvious that this device is a popular tool used by celebrities, sports and fitness personalities and the general public as well. It promises to firm up the mid-section of your body when used in the correct way.

It uses a medical grade technology to help you achieve results in the shortest time possible. You simply tie it around the waste before activating your abs and oblique muscles through sending low pulse electrical signals that are responsible for contracting and expanding your muscles.

Electrical muscle stimulation is a technique that has been used for ages where muscles contraction and relaxation is involved. So it’s not a new phenomenon at all. Numerous research and scholarly papers have even been published to support the fact that EMS works.

What Research Says

When looking at customer reviews online, you realize that most people only want an assurance that this EMS device is backed by scientific studies.

Well, in this field of ab flex zone, the flex belt is the only device that has been used for over 15 years now, plus it has been sold to over 2 million customers since the idea was launched. You see, the healthcare and physical therapy industry has been using the technology for over 30 years now.

The technology simply stimulates and ‘confuses’ muscles to tone up and gain strength. Here are some findings about the topic:

(a) In a 6 week trial, 100 of the participants who took part said they felt their abs had toned up
(b) In the same study, 92.3% of the participants confessed that firmness in their abs had improved
(c) In a 8 week trial for another study, participants realized that there was a 49% increase in their abs strength
(d) Lastly, 72% of those who participated also said there was an improvement in their abs endurance

How Does it Work?

If you check popular ab flex belt reviews forums on the web, you realize that other than wanting scientific evidence behind the working of this device, people want to know how this device really works.

But the concept is really simple. This device ‘confuses’ your abs muscles – the same way regular workout, when done repeatedly, will do. And because the body is bound to get used to it, there’s a wide range of flex belt programs that are diverse in nature, to help respond to the body’s requirements.

Is It Trusted?

The simple answer is Yes. This is medical-grade technology that has been reviewed and cleared by the FDA as fit for its purpose.


Never trust anything that has not been backed by scientific research nor approved by the FDA. It might not be ideal for the purpose in which it was created for.

Back to the Trust level……
We had to catch a glimpse of what the general consensus was, and whether this was a trusted name or not. Even though the company had an average of 34,000 likes on Facebook (at the time of writing this review), the page didn’t appear so interactive, plus it was a lot more sales-like.

Since their Facebook page wasn’t too appealing, we had to switch to Twitter and see what the engagement level was like. They had over 20,000 followers, plus the engagement rate was pretty fine. There’s a good mix of questions, positive reviews, hints and tips, as well as celebrities throwing in their thoughts and insights as well.

We also checked YouTube reviews for 2014 and it was not all bad. Lastly, even Amazon had it clicking 4 out of 5 stars. So by combining FDA clearance, plus a good number of fans who champion for it, we simply deduce that this product is a trusted brand.

Who is It For?

It is for everyone who loves toning up their mid-section because of the range of programs and settings it offers. This also means that it can be used even by people who are just starting out in the fitness world, or those who have encountered injuries.

Again, it’s an excellent addition to those who are already in an active workout routine as it goes all the way up to level 150. That’s why it’s considered the best USA ab flex machine suitable for athletes or even regular users like you and me.

Furthermore, the device is reportedly popular among those suffering from lower back pain since it reduces soreness. However, some flex belt complaints would arise if one used them when they were pregnant. It’s recommended that you use it 6 weeks after normal delivery or 3 months after C-section. It’s not a good idea to workout scar tissues when the wound is still fresh.

In the Box

When you order the package, you find an LCD remote/Battery, Gel pads, AC adaptor, Belt extension, a user manual, the flex belt itself and a travel bag.

You need to charge your handheld LCD remote, wrap it around your waist and tighten using Velcro tabs. Once this is done, position the gel pads and then plug your handheld device into the sides of the belt. Switch on the power button, then select your preferred pre-programmed workout or intensity.


Start gentle and then work your way upwards. Never assume that you can start high since you regularly visit the gym.


Reviews before and after workout depict a positive note when users discuss their general experience with this device. So the general consensus is that it’s an excellent addition to your workout equipments at home. Getting the abs you really want is not a walk in the park. But with the right equipment, you can strike it.

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